do it again!

martha. 21. chicagoland area.

i crave adventures and more company. sometimes my life goes really well. this is one of those times.
make me laugh and this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

get to know me, if you please. i would love to hear from all of you lovely people.
Posts tagged "shit shelby and i say"
  • shelby: damn it! i forgot twister!
  • me: i have a tarp!
  • shelby: i have an imagination...
it was a good place to go where we knew we wouldn’t get in any trouble, but we still caused plenty.

if i ever had a piggy bank i would name it 50 cent and put a gold chain around its neck.

this is my best friend. she can lick her elbow. she’s really flexible and she’s really cool. you should try to sleep with her tonight.

stick it out to stick it in.

"the fact that my parents didn’t opt for a very late-term abortion is a miracle…because my dad would have considered that murder."

"that’s true. most people have eaten corn on the cob at one point. it’s a universal poem of the ages."

rule 1: don’t put ice cream in your eye.

rule 2: don’t lay in the middle of the street.

  • shelby: oh i'm sorry sure, you wanna stare at my ass while i work out?! that's fine... i'm just gonna pick my butt like it owes me money.
there are a lot of reasons that this girl is my best friend.

there are a lot of reasons that this girl is my best friend.